About Us

Where it all started with our founder.

There was almost never a time after a long, unyielding and strenuous day of working in the medical industry, that her sister didn’t end their conversation with how difficult it was for her to find scrubs that feel good, look good and allow her to fulfil her Nursing duties.  

After trying most brands on the market to no avail, her and her colleagues always came up short. 

It was a light bulb moment, where our founder thought, these hard working medical professional women should be comfortable and confident in what they are wearing every day.

They should not need to hitch their pants up before they bend over or to have their tops gape when performing patient rounds. These constant adjustments were a huge issue when it came to hearing her sister’s gripe with her scrubs.

It was the inconsistent sizes, the unbreathable fabric, and the exposure that finally made her decide to put her 10+ years of fashion industry experience into creating not only a uniform that was made for women’s bodies, but an entire lifestyle that provides comfortability, self-assurance, an overall sense empowerment!

We want YOU to Feel Good While Doing Good